1. Contact information 

Where can I find the contact information and working hours of the UL Library? 

You will find this information in the section “Contacts”

You can see changes in our working hours on our website’s homepage and social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.  

2.How can I become a UL Library patron? 

How can I become a UL Library patron? 

UL students and staff can register at the Library in the University of Latvia Information System (LUIS) after reading and agreeing to the Library regulations and price list.  

In order for other natural persons to become Library patrons, they must visit the library to present their passport or personal ID card and agree to the Library regulations. 

In order to register a legal person at the Library, its attorney must present a relevant power of attorney and the legal person’s certificate of registration (or its copy) as well as sign an agreement accepting the Library regulations.  

When do I have to reregister at the Library? 

UL students have to reregister in LUIS each year by October 1 to be able to request and renew books. 

Other Library patrons have to reregister in person once a year at any branch library. 

What should I do if I’m unable to reregister in LUIS? 

Please visit your nearest branch library and ask the librarian! 

What is the Library user ID number? 

It is your identification number in the Library Information System. You should indicate it when contacting the Library.  

Reserved books in the reservation shelf are sorted by user ID numbers.  

What is my Library ID number? 

The librarian will write your ID number on your student card on your first visit to the Library. You will also find it in e-mails sent by the Library. You are welcome to ask a librarian for your ID number in person or remotely by contacting a Library consultant.  



What is the United Library card? 

The United Library card allows you to use services provided by all of the libraries listed below. Your UL student or employee card serves as a United Library card. 

After registering in the UL Library, you can use these libraries: 

  • National Library of Latvia 

  • The EKA University of Applied Sciences Library 

  • Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music Library 

  • Latvian Maritime Academy Library 

  • Latvian Academy of Culture Library 

  • The Fundamental library of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies 

  • Riga Graduate School of Law Library 

  • Rīga Stradiņš University Library 

  • The Scientific Library of Riga Technical University 

Can individuals other than UL students and staff use Library services and information resources? 

Yes! These users can use information resources in Library reading rooms. They can scan, photograph and copy materials according to the price list.  

What paid services does UL Library offer? 

You can see information about paid services and the price list on the Library website.  

What is the fine for an overdue book? 

The fine is EUR 0.20 a day per each overdue information resource.  

Where can I see the amount of my library fine? 

You can see it in the Union Catalogue section “User” or in Primo Discovery section “My library card”.  

How can I pay my fine? 

Your fine can be paid at any branch library in person or by making an electronic payment to University of Latvia. After making the payment please send the confirmation PDF to the Library consultant

Is there a day when I can return my books without paying the fine? 

No, there isn’t. 

How can I request books from other libraries? 

If the book you need is not available at the UL Library, you can request it by using our Interlibrary loan or International interlibrary loan services.  

Is there free Wi-Fi available in the Library? 

Yes, there is. UL students and employees can connect to the Wi-Fi with their LUIS username and password. Other visitors have to ask the librarian for the password.  
How many books can I request and borrow at once? 

You can borrow up to 30 books. When you arrive at the library in person, you can take home up to 30 books, but electronically you can only request up to 25 books.  

4.Information search in Primo Discovery 

What can I find with Primo? 

You can search for wide range of information resources: books, dissertations, conference papers, journals, articles, reference materials and others.  

Where does Primo search in? 

The search is performed in the UL iCloud which includes the subscribed and open access databases, the Union Catalogue, University of Latvia Scholarly Publications and History Database, University of Latvia Thesis Database, Database of Dissertations Developed and Defended at the University of Latvia and other resources included in the Primo Central Index. 

What is not included in Primo?  

These databases are not included in Primo: Letonika.lvPassportHeinOnlineThomson Reuters WestalwWestlaw UKZentralblattMATH. You have to search information in these databases separately. Please contact a librarian if you have any difficulty finding information resources! 

Can I use Primo outside the UL? 

Yes, you can! In order to access full text documents and use personalized services you have to log in to your account. 

How can I log in? 

With your LUIS username and password. 

Can I access my Union Catalogue account? 

Yes, after logging in you will find it in the section “My library card". 

What is Search Scope? 

Search Scope consists of the multiple collections you can search in. They are displayed in the drop-down menu next to the search bar. By default, the search is performed in all of the Scope but you can narrow the search by selecting only the Union catalogue or Online databases.  

Why can’t I access a full text resource after clicking the link in Primo? 

Primo is searching information in all of the databases but access is available only for the subscribed content. If “View more” is selected you may access the bibliographic information and abstract of the publication.  

Can I limit my search to the Union Catalogue? 

Yes, select the Search Scope Union Catalogue. 

Can I search a phrase? 

Yes, put the phrase in quotation marks. 

Can I use Boolean operators? 

Yes, write them in caps lock. 

Can I sort my search results from newest to oldest? 

Yes, select “Sort by” function on the right side.  

What does “See all versions" mean? 

If Primo has found the same resource in different databases, they can be displayed in a separate list.  

Where can I see my search history? 

Select “Go to search history” on the menu bar. 

Can I save my search query for future searches? 

Yes. When logged in, select “Save query" on the top of the result list. 

Where can I learn more about Primo? 

Please visit the site Primo End User Help


5. Information resource search, remote requests, reservation and renewal 

Where can I search information about books available in the UL Library? 

You are welcome to use the Union Catalogue and Primo Discovery.  

If the information resource is published before 1990, it may not be registered in the catalogue. Please contact the Library consultant to clarify if the Library has the resource! 

How can I request books in the Union Catalogue? 

  1. Sign into the Union Catalogue with your ID number and password or LUIS username and password. 
  2. Find the book you need and, in the column “Sublibrary,” select the LUB branch library where you want to receive the book. 

  3. Select the copy marked “On Shelf” by clicking “Request” and then “Go”. If there are no copies “On Shelf," you can request an already loaned copy which will add you to the queue. You will receive an e-mail notification when the book is reserved for you. A reservation is valid for three days.  

More information about using the Union Catalogue is available here.  

How can I request books in Primo? 

  1. Log in to Primo with your LUIS username and password; 
  2. Find a resource available in the UL Library; 

  3. Select one of the copies available for request, marked “On Shelf"; 
  4. Clikck “Hold” and then “Send request". You can receive the book in the branch library within three days after it is reserved for you. 

Which resources can I request and loan? 

Copies with Item Status “Short term loan", “1 week loan", “2 week loan”, “1 month loan” and “Long loan" can be requested and loaned. Copies marked “On Shelf” are available in the Library and can be reserved for you. If there is a date next to a copy it indicates until when it is loaned to other reader. After requesting an already loaned copy you will be added to queue. You will receive a notification in e-mail when the book is reserved for you, the book will be held for tou for three days. 

You can see your requested books and their status in the Union Catalogue section “My Library Card” -> “Hold Requests” or Primo section “My Library Card” -> ” Requests". 

Ko nozīmē e-pasts Grāmatas pieprasījuma atteikums? 

Šāds e-pasts tiek izsūtīts tad, ja pasūtītās grāmatas visi eksemplāri ir izsniegti vai nav pieejami citu iemeslu dēļ. Ja saņemat šādu e-pastu, tad esat gaidītāju rindā uz šo grāmatu. 


How does the “queue" work? 

After entering the queue you are not waiting for only the copy you requested. Each returned copy of the book is reserved for patrons in the order of the queue.  

After requesting a book how can I know when it is reserved for me? 

When the book is reserved you will receive a notification e-mail. You can see the status of the requested resources in your Union Catalogue account section My Library Card -> Hold Requests or Primo section My Library Card -> Requests.  

What is reservation shelf? 

It is a shelf in the Library where reserved books are sorted by the patron ID numbers. After you have received confirmation e-mail about the reserved book you can go to the branch library and look for the book with your ID number in the reservation shelf. Do not hesitate to ask the librarian for help if you need it.  

The reserved book is not loaned to you yet – after taking it from the reservation shelf remember to register it at the self service device or the librarian.  

Can I receive requested books in any branch library? 

No, they are reserved in the branch library you requested them in.  

The only exception is LU Library Storage from where you can order the book to be delivered to any branch library. Requested books from the Storage are delivered once a week on Thursday.  

What is LUB Storage? 

The Library Storage is a location where rarely used information resources are stored. The Storage is not open for visitors but resources from there can be requested to be delivered to a branch library of your choice. Requested books from the Storage are delivered once a week on Thursdays. 

Why I am not able to log in the Union Catalogue or Primo? 


  1. You have entered incorrect username or password; 
  2. Internet connection does not work; 

  3. Settings in your Internet browser 
  4. Incorrect computer settings 

What should I do if I forgot my Union Catalogue password? 

Please contact a librarian in any branch library. UL students and employees can use their LUIS username and password to log in Union Catalogue.  

What should I do if I forgot my Primo password? 

You have to renew your LUIS password by using UL password recovering service or by contacting UL IT desk or the Department of Student Services. 

Why am I not able to request books? 

You probably: 

  1. Have to reregister in the UL Library; 

  2. Have not returned or renewed loaned books on time; 
  3. Have not paid the library fine. 

What should I do if when requesting books a notification "Ir pagājis lietotāja termiņa beigu datums" is shown?  

You have to reregister in the Library (please see How can I become a UL Library patron?). 

Where can I see my loaned books and their due dates? 

You can see this information in the Union Catalogue account section My Library Card -> Loans or Primo section My Library Card -> Loans. 

How can I prolong the due dates of my loaned books? 

You can do it in the Union Catalogue account section My Library Card -> Loans or Primo section My Library Card -> Loans. You can also prolong the due date by contacting librarian remotely.  

You will not be able to renew the due date in these cases: 

  1. The book is requested by another reader; 

  2. You have not  paid the library fine for not renewed or returned book on time; 
  3. You have not reregistered in the Library. 

6. Searching information in databases 

Can I access UL Library subscribed databases outside the University premises? 

Yes, you can use subscribed databases outside the University by connecting with your LUIS username and password.  

Why can’t I access subscribed databases or full text resources? 

That can happen in these situations: 

  1. There are restrictions for using the particular database, for example, access permited only for students and staff of a specific faculty. You can see this information in Library website next to each database.  

  2. The particular journal or journal issue is not included in the Library subscribed content; 
  3. Incorrect computer settings; 

Please contact Library consultant if you have any questions about accessinf electronic resources. 

Can I search in multiple subscribed databases at once? 

Yes, that is possible by using Primo.  

Where can I see theses  defended in the University of Latvia? 

Student graduation works as well as publications of UL academic and scientific staff and different departments can be found in E-resource repository of the University of Latvia. Log in with your LUIS username and password to access full text documents.