Basic information about the joint information search engine Primo

Primo offers you an option of simultaneous search in Library of the University of Latvia (UL) iCloud, the information resources set of the Library UL.

ICloud includes access to UL subscribed and test-used online databases, UL Library’s electronic catalogue and created databases (UL Database of Publications and History, UL Database of Graduation Papers)

You can also use Primo and UL iCloud resources via mobile devices. The search engine Primo can be found in the UL portal. Get acquainted with Primo User’s Manual. Basic information about the joint information search engine Primo. Sign in in Primo with your LUIS username and password. An authorized user gets access to full texts of information resources, can borrow and renew information resources from UL Library selection and use other options provided by the search engine. You can also access the user account of the Union Catalogue (Kopkatalogs) and personalize Primo searching interface.

Consultations and information about the use

 LU Bibliotēkas konsultants,
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