Information resources


Books and other information resources can be electronically ordered / reserved and their loan period renewed in the PRIMO. If you do not find the item of your interest in the PRIMO contact the Library Consultant.


2. Delivery of information resources from:

  • Storage

Materials in the Union Catalog from the Library Storage, you can specify the place where you want to receive them – any of the Library’s branches. The information resources ordered from the Library Storage can be received on Thursdays after 15.00.

  • Libraries

We offer the UL academic staff, researchers and PhD students the option to order information resources from any branch library and indicate the most convenient place to receive them – any UL branch library. When you reserve an item in the Union Catalog or PRIMO, specify the place of receipt. The information resources can be received on Thursdays after 15.00.


3. E-resources:

  • E-resources by discipline
  • Databases created by the Library:
    • UL Database of Research Publications and History
    • UL Database of Doctoral Theses
    • UL Database of Graduation Papers


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