• The amount of the late return fee can be viewed in the Union Catalogue or Primo in the section "My library card".
  • Fine for late return can be paid in all branch libraries or by bank transfer.

The following bank details must be used when making a transfer:

Beneficiary: University of Latvia
Reg. No.: LV 90000076669

Bank accounts:

Luminor Bank AS Latvijas filiāle 


IBAN: LV10RIKO0000082414423 

Swedbank AS 


IBAN: LV47HABA0551055080524 

SEB banka AS 


IBAN: LV72UNLA0055003671805 

Purpose of payment: Library of the UL fine

  • After completing the payment, the payment order must be sent electronically to the e-mail of the particular library where the cost has been incurred. Only payment orders downloaded from the Internet bank in PDF format are accepted.