Annex APPROVED with Senate decision No. 54 on 27 December 2004

With amendments introduced until 11 February 2022

Amendments: UL Senate decision No. 279 of 29 June 2009

                 UL Senate decision No. 133 of 29 May 2017

                 UL order No. 1-4/82 of 11 February 2022

  1. General Provisions
    1. The Library of the University of Latvia (hereinafter – LUL) is an academic basic structural unit of the University of Latvia (hereinafter – UL) – a publicly accessible scientific library, a custodian and maintainer of intellectual values.
    2. Full name of LUL:

in Latvian – Latvijas Universitātes Bibliotēka,

in English – Library of the University of Latvia,

in German – Bibliothek der Universität Lettlands,

in French – Bibliothèque de l’Université de Lettonie,

in Russian – Библиотека Латвийского Университета,

Abbreviations – LU Bibliotēka, LUB, LUL.

    1. LUL operates in compliance with:
      1. Laws of the Republic of Latvia, regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers and other regulatory enactments;
      2. UL Constitution, decisions of UL Senate, UL orders and decisions of governance;
      3. the current Regulation.
    2. LUL collection and assets are the property of UL.
    3. LUL has the round stamp with its full name and the UL coat of arms, a letterhead, its own symbols, registered in accordance with the procedure specified by UL.
    4. Postal address of LUL is Kalpaka bulvāris 4, Riga, LV-1820, Republic of Latvia.
  1. Objective and Tasks of UL Library Operation
    1. The objective of LUL operation is to facilitate the fulfilment of the UL mission by providing the information resources and services necessary for the academic work of UL.
    2. The tasks of LUL are:
      1. to build the LUL collection in accordance with the UL study and research work directions, the requirements of the study programmes;
      2. accumulate, systematize, catalogue, bibliographically process and preserve printed materials, electronic publications, manuscripts and other documents;
      3. to ensure and promote access to electronic databases, to analyse the efficiency of their use; 
      4. to accumulate and systematize information on the results of the academic work of UL;
      5. to create and preserve the intellectual property of the UL staff: the published work, the collection of dissertations defended at UL, and databases;
      6. (Deleted by the UL Senate decision No. 133 of 29 May 2017);  
      7. to ensure the availability and use of the LUL collection for the implementation of independent studies;
      8. promote LUL collection;
      9. to modernize and expand the range of services provided, to develop the infrastructure of its sectoral divisions;
      10. to perform the functions of the international interlibrary loan, to participate in the organizations and systems of the international bibliographic data exchange;
      11. to participate in the creation of the national bibliographic database; to coordinate its activities with other libraries of higher education institutions and scientific libraries;
      12. to participate in the work of national and international libraries and library staff organizations, in the implementation of projects and programmes; 
      13. to carry out applied research in the field of collection development, user service;
      14. to create and strengthen the ability of UL staff to find, analyse, use and demonstrate information stored in various data formats;
      15. to co-operate with the UL Press in creating and popularizing the library collection;
      16. to participate in the implementation of study and further education programmes in coordination with the faculties responsible for the respective field.

(In the wording of the UL Senate decision No. 133 of 29 May 2017)

  1. Staff of UL Library
    1. The list of positions of LUL staff and the tasks of the staff are determined by the director of LUL.
    2. Employment agreements with LUL staff are concluded by the vice-rector for the relevant field of science.
    3. LUL may create positions of academic staff for implementing scientific research, electing employees into these positions at the Faculty Council of the corresponding field of science.

(In the wording of the UL Senate decision No. 133 of 29 May 2017)

  1. Structure of UL Library
    1. The structure of LUL consists of departments and sectoral libraries.
    2. (Deleted by the LU Senate decision No. 279 of 29 June 2009)
    3. In departments and sectoral libraries, LUL forms departments in accordance with its development strategy and tasks. Establishment, reorganization or liquidation thereof may be proposed by the director of LUL, the heads of LUL departments, the joint council of LUL and UL AL.
    4. Departments of LUL:
      1. compile, catalogue, store and regularly evaluate the collection of information resources;
      2. study the structure and use of the collection of information resources, plan its development;
      3. serve and train users, research user needs and the results of public research;
      4. bibliographically processes information resources;
      5. creates and develops the library reference and information system;
      6. ensures the availability of information resources;
      7. advises and trains sectoral libraries for the optimal performance of their functions;
      8. provides for the creation of a suitable environment for work, purchase of appropriate equipment and supply, operation of information technology.
    5. (Deleted by the LU Senate decision No. 279 of 29 June 2009)
    6. LUL sectoral libraries:
      1. serve users in one or more scientific fields;
      2. concentrate the information resources required for the study process and the work of the lecturers, as well as ensure their availability;
      3. cooperate with the management of faculties and specialists in the field of information maintenance and provision of services;
      4. inform and advise users on the development of the collection, use of other information resources;
      5. participate in user training.

(In the wording of the UL Senate decision No. 133 of 29 May 2017)

  1. Governance
    1. The general supervision of the activities of LUL is performed by the vice-rector of the corresponding field.
    2. LUL is administered by the director.
    3. The director of LUL is appointed in competition procedure and an employment agreement is concluded with him/her by the rector or his/her authorized representative of UL. Employment agreements with the deputy director and executive director of LUL are concluded on the proposal of the director of LUL.
    4. Responsibilities of the director of LUL:
      1. ensuring compliance of operation of LUL with laws and other regulatory enactments, the UL Constitution, the decisions of the UL Senate, the orders of UL governance, the UL working order;
      2. management, provision and organization of the LUL operation in accordance with the current Regulation and the tasks defined by UL governance;
      3. timely and qualitative execution of tasks assigned to LUL;
      4. efficient, effective and lawful use of the allocated funds;
      5. rational organization of the work of the LUL staff, informing about the duties of the position and their changes in a timely manner, observance of the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia and UL in the employment relations with UL, control of the performance of the tasks assigned to the staff;
      6. provision of proposals corresponding to the functions of the LUL to the UL governance, as well as preparation of draft decisions for the UL governance;
      7. ensuring cooperation of LUL with other structural units of UL;
      8. establishing projects, contacts and relations with UL, Latvian and foreign natural and legal persons for the purpose of development of LUL and UL, informing the UL governance thereof;
      9. /Deleted with UL order No. 1-4/82 of 11 February 2022/.
    5. Director of LUL within his/her area of authority:
      1. represents the interests of LUL in other institutions;
      2. plans, manages and coordinates the administrative and financial operation of LUL, makes decisions and controls their implementation, analyses and evaluates the operational results of LUL;
      3. ensures the implementation of the objective and tasks of LUL specified in the current Regulation;
      4. in accordance with the job descriptions, determines the duties and functions of the LUL staff and controls the fulfilment thereof;
      5. submits proposals to the UL governance regarding LUL development projects, staff movement, salaries, and other issues related to the operation of LUL;
      6. elaborates the LUL development conception and ensures its implementation;
      7. promotes the professional development of LUL employees.
    6. Deputy director of LUL is responsible for the execution of the tasks of LUL in accordance with the job description and instructions of the director of LUL. The deputy director replaces the director in his/her absence.
    7. Executive director is responsible for the financial, economic and organizational activities of LUL in accordance with the job description and instructions of the director of LUL.
    8. The work of the structural units is organized by their heads, in their absence – by the deputy director of LUL. The heads of the structural units are subordinated to the deputy director of LUL regarding fulfilment of the tasks and instructions provided for the structural units, rational organization of work and staff. The heads of the structural units report to the deputy director of LUL concerning the work of the structural units.
    9. The joint council of LUL and UL AL is a consultative institution that advises the UL governance and the director of LUL on the improvement and enhancement of LUL operation in accordance with the information needs of library users, LUL development conception and strategic tasks of UL development.
    10. The composition of the joint council of LUL and UL AL is determined by an order of UL, which envisages a balanced representation of LUL and UL academic structural units and administration.
    11. The operation of the joint council of LUL and UL AL is governed by regulation approved under procedure specified by UL.

((In the wording of the UL Senate decision No. 133 of 29 May 2017)

  1. Finances
    1. Funding sources of LUL:
      1. funding allocated in accordance with the procedures specified by UL;
      2. revenue from paid services provided by LUL;
      3. grants, bequests, donations and gifts;
      4. other sources of income provided for in regulatory enactments.
    2. LUL funds are used in accordance with the expenditure estimates approved by UL.
    3. The use of LUL funds is controlled by authorized UL offices and officials.
  2. Remuneration Procedure and Social Protection
    1. The director of LUL determines the amount of remuneration of LUL employees and social protection in accordance with Regulation of Remuneration of General Staff of University of Latvia, Collective Agreement of University of Latvia, decisions of the UL Senate and other regulatory enactments. 
  3. Reorganisation or Liquidation of UL Library
    1. Reorganization or liquidation of LUL may be proposed by the rector, the director of LUL and the joint council of LUL and UL AL. The decision on reorganization or liquidation of LUL is passed by the UL Senate.
    2. Reorganization or liquidation of LUL shall be performed in accordance with the procedures provided for in the regulatory enactments of the UL Senate and the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

(In the wording of the UL Senate decision No. 133 of 29 May 2017)