Regulations for the use of the Library of the UL

by the UL Order No. 1-4/9
 of 07.01.2021

​​​​1.    General Provisions

1.1. Conditions (hereinafter – the Conditions) of Use of the University of Latvia Library (hereinafter – the Library) lay down the order, whereby the Library as a generally accessible national library delivers services, provides access to its stock, the use of its information resources, databases and systems, registration procedure, as well as the rights and obligations of its users. 

1.2. The Library users are obliged to acquaint themselves with the Conditions prior to registration or renewed registration. 

1.3. The Conditions are circulated in all the sectoral branches of the Library, in the UL Information System (hereinafter – LUIS) and on the University of Latvia (hereinafter – the UL) website (hereinafter – (

1.4. The Library user (hereinafter – the user) may be any natural or legal person who uses the Library’s services, without a fee, on the lending basis, draws upon information resources and technical equipment for specific purposes, provided that they return the same borrowed information resource or technical equipment by a specified date. The legal relations established hereby shall be viewed as a lending contract.

1.5. The subject of the loan is:

1.5.1. An information resource, which under these Conditions, is a printed matter, an audio-visual or a digital material;

1.5.2. Technical equipment, which under these Conditions is a portable computer, a technical teaching aid, etc.

1.6. The subject of the Library loan is the property of the UL.

1.7. The subject of the Library loan may be used by the UL staff as well as any other legal or natural person who according to the procedure set out herein has obtained the status of the Library user. 

2.    Obtaining Status of Library User

2.1. Any person who has been electronically registered with LUIS (accessible by the UL staff) or in person with any branch of the Library may obtain the status of the Library user.

2.2. By registering with LUIS, the user acquaints her/himself with the Conditions and affixes her/his signature electronically.

2.3. In order to be registered with the Library:

2.3.1. Natural persons shall present a valid UL student’s or staff identification card, which simultaneously serves as the equivalent of the Library reader’s card, the United Reader’s Card (hereinafter – the URC) issued by another library, or the equivalent of a reader’s card, a personal passport or an Identification Card (hereinafter – ID card);

2.3.2. the authorised representative of a legal person shall present the company’s registration certificate or its copy and submit a letter of attorney in accordance with the specimen attached in the Appendix to these Conditions;

2.3.3. The representative shall familiarize her/himself with the Conditions and agree to comply with them by signing in the register;

2.3.4. The representative shall give her/his name, surname, declared or actual place of residence, telephone number, e-mail address to be used for receipt of the information related to the use of the Library.

2.4. Upon registration at the Library, the user receives her/his identification number and password for authorisation with the Electronic Union Catalogue of Latvian libraries of national significance (hereinafter – Union Catalogue). The UL staff may also use their LUIS username and password for authorisation with Union Catalogue or Primo database. The identification number shall be used for communication with the Library.  

2.5. Once a year, the Library user shall perform a renewed registration: either electronically within LUIS (UL staff) or in the Library. Renewed registration will be denied to those users who have not settled their obligations to the Library for the previous period.

2.6. Those persons who are not registered as Library users may use the information resources on the Library premises subject to presentation of their passport or ID card.   

2.7. Personal data processing, protection and other matters relating to personal data, including photographing, filming or direct broadcasting of public events or activities are set out in the Privacy Policy of the University of Latvia.

2.8. Personal data processing with regards to provision of the Library services is carried out with the purpose of accounting for and identification of the Library users and ensuring provision of the above services. 

2.9. The personal data are forwarded to the Culture Information Systems Centre in order to ensure registering of the Library users and access to the library information system ALEPH (hereinafter – ALEPH), that is a public information system. The Library, as well as other libraries of national significance use ALEPH, jointly creating the Union Catalogue, which means that the basic data of the data subject are accessible in the other libraries using ALEPH.  

2.10. The personal data may be disclosed to the investigation and judicial authorities, as well as the authorities supervising and controlling UL activities according to the scope and procedure set out in the laws and regulations. 

2.11. In a summarized form, the data are used for the public statistics on the Library as required by the regulatory documents, research work and improvement of the Library services. The submitted personal data, upon completion of the users’ study/work obligations to the UL, provided that such obligations to the Library have been settled, shall be preserved until 1 March of the following year. 

3.    Use of Library Services

3.1. In order to use the Library services:

3.1.1. The natural persons registered as the Library users shall present a valid UL student/staff member’s identification card or the URC. This requirement does not apply to tourists who are not registered as the users of the Library;

3.1.2. The legal persons shall present a legal person’s power of attorney (see Appendix hereto). 

3.2. In order to borrow information resources, a resource from the open access stock shall be chosen or an electronic request shall be generated in the Union Catalogue or Primo database.

3.3. The electronically ordered and booked information resource shall be collected at the Library before the booking expiry date, after which the booking will be cancelled.

3.4. The technical equipment will be provided by using a self-service unit or the assistance of the Library staff.

3.5. All the loans will be electronically registered with ALEPH by indicating the unique identifiers of the user and the information resource/technical equipment. The duration of the loan will be determined by the usage parameters of the information resource/technical equipment defined with ALEPH.

3.6. The term of use of the borrowed information resource/technical equipment may not be extended if the term of use of the borrowed item is overdue, the extension limit of the borrowed item has been exceeded or the item has been requested by another user.

3.7. The rare editions and manuscripts, the information resources in poor condition as well as the single copies held on the Library’s stock will not be handed over to the users for taking out of the Library.

3.8. The Library delivers the basic services and paid services according to the Pricelist of Fee-Based Services (hereinafter – the Pricelist) approved by the UL. 

4. The Use of the Library Computer Equipment

4.1. Only the registered Library users may use the Library computers. The computers in the self-service unit may be borrowed only by the UL staff.  

4.2. The Library’s portable computers may be used only on the Library premises or in the UL Academic Centre – in the UL buildings. 

4.3. The users may use the computer equipment and other technical devices available in the Library solely for the specified purpose – studies and research.

4.4. The library users with a ‘Visitor’ status may use the Library computers for one hour at the longest. In exceptional cases, subject to the approval of the Library staff member, the user may continue to work at the computer until further instructions of the Library staff. 

4.5. The users may use those programs that are made available to them and their own information storage devices (USB memory cards, USB external hard discs, compact discs) for data recording.

4.6. The users shall not be entitled to the storage of information search history or information storage outside the working session.

4.7. Ten minutes prior to the end of the Library’s working hours the users are obliged to stop their work with the Library computers or other technical equipment. 

4.8. The users are strictly prohibited from:

4.8.1.     damaging or modifying the Library computers in any way. For example, it is forbidden to perform any kind of installations (programs, games, etc.), to change the configuration of the Library computer, including the settings of the program interface (appearance, hotkeys, etc.), detach or attach cables to the Library computer or its peripherals, except such cables as are necessary for connection of a flash memory, portable hard discs or earphones, etc.;

4.8.2.     using the internet and the Library computers for commitment of any criminal, administrative or civil offences under any jurisdiction in the digital environment. The examples of such offences are illicit business activities, breach of copyright laws, fraud, storage or distribution of unauthorised credit cards and private information;

4.8.3.     using the Library computers for viewing, storing and transmitting illicit information, such as pornographic materials, or materials spreading racial hate, instigating mass disorders or coup d’état, etc.;

4.8.4.     using the Library computers for playing games;

4.8.5.     using the Library computers for spreading spam and/or maintaining websites related to such spam;

4.8.6.     sitting at the computer in outdoor clothes, with wet, dirty or otherwise soiling hands, eating food or otherwise smearing or damaging the computer and its equipment.

4.9. While using the Library computers and other technical equipment, the user shall observe the generally accepted standards of behaviour and politeness.  

5.    Library User’s Rights, Obligations and Liability

5.1. The user shall have the following rights:

5.1.1.     to use the information resources available on the Library’s stock, information systems, databases and technical equipment;

5.1.2.     to borrow information resources or their copies from other libraries and electronic document supply centres in Latvia and abroad according to the procedure set out by the Library;

5.1.3.     duly, before the expiry date of the loan, to extend the term of use of the information resource in the Union Catalogue or Primo database, or by attending the Library in person;

5.1.4.     to receive consultations, use the teaching aids prepared by the Library, attend classes, including those training to use the Union Catalogue, Primo, databases, search tools and information resources;

5.1.5.     to use the work environment and technical equipment provided for studies and research;

5.1.6.     to scan and photograph for non-commercial purposes, subject to approval of the Library staff, without using a flash-light, the materials on the Library stock, except the rare materials and manuscripts;

5.1.7.     to use the Library’s self-service document copying equipment or to order copies, printouts of information from the computer and digitalization according to the Pricelist;

5.2.  To submit to the administration of the UL and the Library suggestions regarding improvement of the Library’s service quality and enrichment of the wealth of information resources. 

5.3. The user shall have the following obligations and liability:

5.3.1.     to inform the Library of the change of his/her place of residence or contact address, telephone number and e-mail address within one month’s time;

5.3.2.     to present a personal identification document at the request of the Library staff;

5.3.3.     to treat other Library users and staff with respect, not to disturb other Library users’ work, to comply with the generally accepted rules of conduct and the instructions of the Library staff;

5.3.4.     while using the Library information resources, to observe the Copyright Law in force in the Republic of Latvia;

5.3.5.     to observe the expiry dates of the use of the borrowed information resources and technical equipment and duly return them to the Library;

5.3.6.     to pay a penalty fee for overdue information resources according to the Pricelist valid on the first day of the loan. Until full settlement of the obligations, the Library will restrict the scope of services provided; 

5.3.7.     to handle the UL property with care: to avoid damaging the information resources, technical equipment and property, not to cause other material losses to the UL and to report the discovered defects to the Library staff: to replace a lost information resource with an identical item or an item of an equal value. If it is not feasible, to reimburse the value of the lost information resource in accordance with its actual market value; to reimburse the material value of a piece of technical equipment lost or damaged by the users according to the quote in the UL inventory records;

5.3.8.     upon completion or interruption of studies/work at the UL, to settle all obligations with the Library. If such obligations are not settled, the UL will collect the losses incurred in accordance with the existing laws and regulations;

5.3.9.     not to leave the user’s personal information resources, portable computers and other personal effects unattended;

5.3.10.    to ascertain the reasons for setting off of the alarm system with the Library or security staff, should the alarm system be set off upon the user’s entrance into or exit from the Library premises; 

5.3.11.    to observe the workplace safety and fire safety regulations and promptly leave the Library premises if the fire alarm is set off;

5.3.12.    not to entrust the UL student/staff identification card or URC to another person for use of the Library services;

5.3.13.    to observe these Conditions scrupulously. Failing to observe these Conditions, the user may be denied access to the Library services for a term up to one year; 

5.3.14.    the denial of access to the Library services shall not release the user from fulfilment of her/his obligations: payment of penalty for overdue return of the borrowed UL property, reimbursement of loss according to the procedure set out herein.

5.4. The users on the Library premises are prohibited from the following practices:

5.4.1.     bringing and partaking of food products, alcoholic and soft drinks and intoxicating substances;

5.4.2.     disturbing the Library staff and other users and their work on the Library premises;

5.4.3.     uttering offensive remarks, comments and threats to the Library staff and users;

5.4.4.     entering the Library in non-hygienic, dirty and foul-smelling clothes, under the influence of alcohol and/or other intoxicating substances;

5.4.5.     handling printed matter and documents with wet and dirty hands or making notes therein, or otherwise damaging the information resources;

5.4.6.     using personal scanners, dictaphones or printers. The use of electronic devices (mobile phones, PCs, earphones etc.) must not be heard and cause disturbance to other Library users. 

6.    Rights and Liability of the Library

6.1. Video surveillance is carried out on the Library premises in order to disclose criminal activities and to protect the property and vital interests of individuals. The supervisor of video surveillance is the UL.

6.2. The Library shall not be held liable for the personal effects left unattended on the Library premises.

6.3. Should there arise justified suspicions of the breach of these Conditions, the Library staff may request the user to present the reader’s card, passport/ID card (in case of the user with a ‘Visitor’ status), to open and the bag with personal belongings and show its contents.