Regulations for the use of the Library of UL

by UL order No. 1/39
of 01.02.2017

1. General regulations

1.1. Regulations for the use (hereinafter - Regulations) of the Library of UL (hereinafter - Library) establish the terms for the use of the Library.

1.2. These Regulations apply to all Library users.

1.3. The library ensures that the Regulations are introduced to users before their registration or re-registration to the Library.

1.4. The Regulations are available at all of the structural units of the Library, at the UL Information System LUIS (hereinafter - LUIS) and on the UL website (

1.5. The User receives the information resources for their intended use, free of charge on the basis of lending, on the condition that the same borrowed item will be returned in due time. The established legal relations are thereby deemed to be a loan contract.

1.6. The object of lending is an information resource, and for the purpose of these Regulations it can be print material, audio-video material or electronic publications.

1.7. The information resources of the Library are the property of the University of Latvia.

1.8. The information resources of the Library may be be used by the UL staff and any other legal person or individual, provided they have obtained a Library user status in compliance with these Regulations.


2. Obtaining a Library user status

2.1. One can become a Library user by electronic registration in the UL Information System LUIS (available to UL staff) or in person at any structural unit of the Library.

2.2. When registering through LUIS, the user must read and accept these Regulations and sign this agreement electronically.

2.3. Registering at any structural unit of the Library:

2.3.1.individuals should present a valid University student’s or employee’s identification card which also acts as a Library User Card at the same time, a Unified Reader’s Card (hereinafter - URC) or its equivalent, or a passport or identification card (hereinafter - ID card);

2.3.2. the authorized agent of the legal representative presents the company registration certificate or its copy and submits a warrant in compliance with the sample addendum to these Regulations.

2.3.3. he/she gets acquainted with the Regulations and accepts the agreement by signing the register.

2.3.4. he/she declares the place of residence or contact address, phone number and daily email address for receiving information concerning Library use.

2.4. After registration the user receives his identification number and password for communication with the Library and for registration and use of the Electronic Union Catalog of the State Level Libraries (hereinafter - Union Catalog) services. UL staff can use their LUIS username and password.

2.5. A Library user must re-register annually: electronically via LUIS (UL staff) or at the Library. Re-registration will be refused to users who have not met their obligations towards the Library.

2.6. Persons who are not registered as Library users can use the Library’s information resources in the  reading rooms on presentation of a valid passport or ID card.


3. Library user service

3.1. Using the Library services:

3.1.1. individuals who are registered as library users, have to present a valid UL student’s ID, UL employee’s ID, or URC; persons have to present their Legal representative Warrant (see attachment)

3.2. Lending of information resources:

3.2.1. information resources must be chosen from the open access shelves or ordered by electronic request via the Union Catalog;   

3.2.2. if the information resource is not found in the Union Catalog, contact a consultant to check if it exists in the Library holdings.

3.3. Electronically requested and reserved information resource must be picked up from the Library before the reservation expires, after this date the request is considered as cancelled.

3.4. The lending of information resource is registered electronically in the Library Information System by data input about the information resource and its user. The loan period is determined by the usage periods of the information resources defined in the Library Information System.

3.5. The loan period for the borrowed information resources may not be extended if its lending period is overdue, the prolongation limit for this information resource is over, or if it has been reserved for another user.  

3.6. The only copies from the Library holdings, items in high demand, rarities, manuscripts, and items in poor physical condition are not available for loan or reproduction.

3.7.The basic services of the Library are free of charge, additional services are fee-based according to the price-list approved by UL.


4. Library users’ rights, obligations and responsibilities

4.1. Users’ rights:

4.1.1. use of databases and information search engines for search and retrieval of information resources, and other services also offered by the Library;  

4.1.2. receipt and use the information resources available from the Library holdings on site in the Library or for home loan;

4.1.3. renewal of the return date of the information resource in time via the Union Catalog or at the Library before the end of the loan period;

4.1.4. can receive consultations and training, including that about the use of the Union Catalog, databases, search engines and information resources;

4.1.5. to use the environment and technical equipment arranged for studies and research;

4.1.6. to submit proposals concerning the Library, the use of information services and replenishment of the assortment of information resources to the UL and Library administration.  

4.2. Users’ obligations and responsibilities:

4.2.1. to notify the Library within a month when changing a place of rezidence, contact address, phone number or e-mail address;

4.2.2. to present personal identification document to Library employees if requested;

4.2.3. to use computers and other technical equipment available in the Library only for their designated purpose, i.e., search, retrieval and processing of information;

4.2.4. to respect other Library users and staff and not to disturb work of other Library users;

4.2.5. to comply with the Copyright Laws in force in the Republic of Latvia when using the information resources of the Library;

4.2.6. to pay attention to the due date of the borrowed information resources and to hand them in to the Library on time;

4.2.7. to pay the fine for overdue information resources according to the price list of the Library fee-based services in force on the first day of lending. In case of noncompliance with the due date the Library suspendes the users service until the user meets his/her obligations;

4.2.8. to handle UL property with care. To replace lost information resources with identical or content-equivalent ones. If it is impossible, to refund the cost of the lost information resource according to its market value;

4.2.9. to settle all obligations with the Library upon completion or interruption of one’s studies or termination of employment at UL.If these obligations are not met, UL enforces the compensation in compliance with the legislation.

4.2.10. not to leave unattended personal information resources, portable computers and other personal belongings;

4.2.11. to cooperate in finding out the causes of security alarm sounding, along with the Library staff, if the security alarm is activated when entering or leaving the Library premises;

4.2.12. to comply with the labor safety and fire prevention regulations and to leave the Library premises immediately in the case of a fire detection alarm going off;

4.2.13. to handle UL property carefully: not to damage information resources and inventory, not to cause material loss to UL. To inform a librarian immediately about any defects noticed;

4.2.14. A University student’s or employee’s identification card, or URC may not be transferred to another person to use the Library services;

4.2.15. to comply strictly with the Regulations for the use of the Library;

4.2.16. in case of non-compliance with the Regulations of the Library, the user could be  denied the rights to use the Library services for a period of up to a year;

4.2.17. a ban on the use of the Library does not release the user from an obligation to return the borrowed property of UL or property possessed by UL and to pay the fine for overdue returns, in compliance with these Regulations and to compensate UL for any losses.