1. Self-service equipment for check-out/ return/ renewal of books

With the help of the devices, users can independently check out and return information resources, or renew their loan period. Self-service equipment is currently available in the following libraries:

2. Computer wall

UL students, academic and general staff can access laptops at the Home of Science Library using the self-service wall with 36 laptops. The service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you use the computer wall, you need a UL student card or employee card.

3. Desktop and portable computers

Reading rooms are provided with desktops and laptops. Guests are allowed to use computers for 1 hour (UL Vice-Rector for Science 21.02.2013 Instruction No. 3-2). UL students and staff – unlimited time.

4. Open access reading rooms

Rooms for independent study are available in all branch libraries

5. Self-service scanners

Reading rooms are provided with scanners.


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