Ernests Felsbergs (1866–1928) – the first rector of UL, a professional art historian and creator of the exposition of the UL Art Cabinet. The theme of the collection is the art history of the world, including editions of classical art history, literature about the art of the ancient world, the cultural heritage of ancient Egypt.

Embrik Strand (1876–1947), a former zoologist, worked as a professor of zoology at the UL Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences from 1923.

Embrik Strand Library is a unique collection in zoology and entomology.

Peter Schmidt (1869–1938) was an outstanding linguist, ethnographer, ethnologist, folklorist and sinologist. P. Schmidt’s book collection is one of the largest donations to the UL Library. The valuable special collection contains 2 162 editions: the 16th century ancient prints, as well as the 17th and 18th century first editions in Latvian language.

The collection contains publications released by the UL publishing house (today – University of Latvia Press), starting from 1921. The collection contains almost 5 000 publications, and it is considered to be a unique testimony to the age of the UL scientific and pedagogical performance spanning several decades.