Information about the Union Catalogue:

Instruction on how you can check out and return books to the library by yourself.

When you order library materials in the Union Catalogue from the Library Storage, you can specify the place where you want to receive them – it can be any of the Library's branches. The information resources ordered from the Library Storage can be received on Thursdays: Library of the UL at Raiņa bulvāris after 12:00, other branch libraries – after 15:00. 

The Electronic Union Catalogue of national significance has been created by 9 libraries: National Library of Latvia, Library of the University of Latvia, Scientific Library of Riga Technical University, Fundamental Library of the Latvian University of Biosciences and Technologies, Library of Riga Stradiņš University, Library of the Latvian Academy of Culture, Library of the EKA University of Applied Sciences, Academic Library of the University of Latvia, and Library of Latvian Maritime Academy. 

The Union Catalogue predominantly reflects the editions that have been added to library collections since 1990, with new entries being added to it regularly. The Union Catalogue has approximately 550 thousand entries, including books, serials, printed music, graphic editions, scientific theses, maps, video and audio records, electronic documents, e-books, etc. 

The Union Catalogue is not available on Sunday from 20:45 till Monday morning 8:00 due to backup copying of data. 

To be able to order/reserve information resources, you have to register or reregister in the Library. 

Ordered/reserved information resources should be checked out within 3 Library’s working days after you have received a letter confirming your reservation. 

The Library information resources (books, periodicals, etc.) are checked out for use for a definite loan period. The loan period should be strictly observed so that information resources could be accessible to every user, and the circulation of information resources is ensured. 

It is possible to renew the loan period if nobody has applied for the specified information resource. 

Users can renew the loan period of information resources: 

  1. Electronically in the Union Catalogue, opening the section "User"; 
  2. By coming to any branch library; 

  3. By calling the Library; 
  4. By sending an e-mail to the Library. 

Overdue fees 

The Library overdue fee is EUR 0.20 per one information resource for every overdue day. 

You can pay overdue fees: 

  1. In any Library’s branch library; 
  2. Transferring money to the UL account (earmarking "Overdue fees to the Library of the UL").

Until the overdue fees are paid, you cannot renew the loan period or borrow any other information resources from the Library. 

You can get consultations how to use the Union Catalogue by contacting the Library Consultant or any branch library.