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MedDRA (Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities) is the ICH (International Council for the Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use) standardised medical terminology dictionary.

MedDRA aims to facilitate sharing of regulatory information internationally for medical products used by humans. Products covered by the scope of MedDRA include pharmaceuticals, biologics, vaccines and drug-device combination products. MedDRA is a collection of terms for medical conditions, investigations, medical procedures, social, family history, etc., but this dictionary does not include, for example, test numerical values ​​for results and substance names. MedDRA is an extensive medical terminology with a unique architecture and features that support public health monitoring, data analysis, communication (both electronic and traditional) and data management.

MedDRA has medical terminology available in several languages, i.e. in Latvian and English.

Students and teaching staff of the University of Latvia can create their access here with their UL e-mail. There you will get your MedDRA ID and password. With this data, you will have access to and can download MedDRA tools and support documents.

Various tools are available in MedDRA, such as the MedDRA Desktop Browser (MDB), the MedDRA Mobile Application (MMA), and the Web Based Browser (WBB).

The MedDRA Desktop Browser (MDB) application can be downloaded here. To access MedDRA Desktop Browser ZIP files, you need an Unzip password, which can be obtained here. Important – Each version of MedDRA has its own Unzip password, so make sure the Unzip password you get matches the version you downloaded.

Instructions on how to install MedDRA Desktop Browser are available here.

Instructional videos on using the e-resource (in English)

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