Donation of Janis Cakste, the first President of the Republic of Latvia

Janis Cakste (1859-1927) was the first President of the Republic of Latvia (1922-1927) and was educated at the Moscow University, where he studied jurisprudence at the Law Department (1882-1886). His academic activities began with the foundation of the Higher School of Latvia in September 1919, but he also actively took part in establishing the Faculty of Economics and Law of the Higher School of Latvia, including its study programs. Commemorating the 5th anniversary of the University on September 28, 1924, he was awarded a Dr. jur. honoris causa (honorary doctorate) degree.

He stored up a vast collection of books, especially on Baltic history and law, and later gifted a part of these to the Library of the Faculty of Economics and Law. The donation contains 166 books of miscellaneous content. As an identification sign of the donor there is a stamp “J. Tschakste” in each of these books. The Library is proud to have among its holdings this donation - a part of the private library of J. Čakste. The mostly represented branches are politics, jurisprudence, history and even fiction. The prevailing languages are Latvian, German and French.

Being a politician and being actively occupied with it, J. Čakste has gathered for his library the editions revealing in-depth various aspects of political and state administration. Widely represented is legal science, including encyclopaedias, textbooks, manuals, e.g., “Handwörterbuch der Staatswissenschaften” (1926/0, “Regierungs-Formel vom Jahre 1617” (1807) etc.

The donation is held in the Repository of Library.

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