Donation of manuscripts of mathematician Emanuel Grinberg

In 2012 the Library received the donation of, scientifically highly valuable private manuscripts of the prominent mathematician Dr. math. Emanuel Grinberg (1911-1982).

The greatest part of Emanuel Grinberg’s life was associated with the University of Latvia where in 1934 he graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and later, in 1943, he defended his doctoral thesis “On oscillations, superoscillations and characteristic points”.

Emanuel Grinberg has made a great contribution to the development of applied mathematics in Latvia and in the scientific literature there are constructs “Grinberg’s graph”, named after him. He was very familiar with subjects of both classical and modern mathematics and elaborated new original solutions in various branches.

Mathematician E. Grinberg’s manuscript donation constitutes 46,000 pages in total and its content is divided into two parts: part 1. “Calculations” - 180 folders (36,000 p.), part 2. “Commentary” (10,000 p.). The 1st part “Calculations” contains electrical circuit and filter calculations, explanation of the demonstration of the “four-colour problem”, synopses of seminars, etc. The 2nd part “Commentary” includes about 2,000 pages of research in graph theory and combinatorics, more than 1,000 pages of research in electrical filter theory, studies on human blood circulation and blood composition, research in magnetohydrodynamics, as well as synopsis of his lectures. His dissertation, reprints of articles, appraisals and reviews about works, articles and theses of other authors are also included.

The donation is held in the Repository of the Library.