Library of UL provides temporary access to the Writefull tool through December 15th, 2020.

Writefull is a language tool that uses the latest Artificial Intelligence techniques to give language feedback on scientific texts. It has been developed especially for students and researchers, and its feedback is tailored to academic writing. Using Writefull enables students and research staff to have more confidence in their writing and to make fewer errors, increasing their productivity, and fostering academic success.

Writefull for Word gives language feedback on text written in Microsoft Word. It checks for correctness of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, and style. It also offers a feature called “Language Search”: a database of authentic scientific texts, in which students and staff can search for language patterns that they can incorporate into their own texts. Additionally, it offers the “Sentence Palette”, which is a collection of example sentences useful for academic writing.

Writefull Revise screens text for correctness of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, and style. Students and staff can upload their text to Revise, review language suggestions, and download a revised version of their text incorporating all accepted suggestions. Writefull Revise also shows the number of language suggestions that are given across five categories, reflecting the overall language quality of the uploaded document.

Writefull Cite screens texts for citation completeness, highlighting sentences that should be supported by a reference. When Writefull identifies a sentence as presenting information that needs to be backed up by a reference, and the sentence does not contain a reference yet, Writefull will suggest to add one. Students and staff can upload their text to Cite, and review citation suggestions offered by the tool. Unlike anti-plagiarism tools, Cite does not compare texts against a database. It uses its own AI-based model to assess if citations are likely needed.

Please use the Writefull for Word User Guide, Sign-Up Guide and General information for a better understanding of current platform.

Also, there is a webinar Create your perfect article using Writefull” planned for November 24th, 2020 – registration form available here.

Writefull is trusted by leading academic publishers, such ar Hindawi and Cambridge University Press. Publishers use Writefull to help authors imporve the olanguage quality of their papers.

Writefull is available through December 15 th, 2020.

The tool is interoperable with  English texts only.

Please take a chance to try the access to the Writefull and let us know your opinion!

Your feedback will be useful to evaluate the necessity of this tool for your study and research.

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