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Access to Statista is provided only to the University of Latvia Faculty of Business, Management and Economics users.

Statista – an online platform which offers information on more than 80,000 topics in 170 industries in different formats such as statistics and reports on its online platform. The available data is regularly updated with the latest available market information and is available in several languages such as English, German, Spanish and French. 

Statista collects information from 22,500 different sources, i.e. from government institutions, international organizations, market research institutes, trade journals. An international team of experienced analysts develops its own market models, conducts surveys and in-depth analyses, and uses them as the basis for forecasts and key figures for various markets and industries, and information which has been obtained from the surveys that Statista collects is available too.

Users must create their personal account using their UL email.

Information about the platform Statista is available here.

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