Connect to Overleaf  (Access provided only for the students, faculty and staff of the Natural Sciences Faculties of the University of Latvia)


Overleaf Commons is an online collaborative authoring tool that makes the process of research, writing, editing, and publishing scientific documents quicker and easier. Researchers and students can write, collaborate, teach, review and publish directly from their Overleaf accounts. The University of Latvia Natural Sciences Faculties are partnering with Overleaf to provide their students, researchers, faculty, and staff with customised writing templates (including theses, dissertations, and grants), educational opportunities, and publishing/repository submission links directly from the Overleaf platform. Created with the goal of making science and research faster, more open, and more accessible, Overleaf brings the whole scientific documentation process into one place, from idea to writing to review to publication.

The Natural Sciences Faculties of the University of Latvia subscription to Overleaf Commons:

  • Allows students, faculty, and staff to benefit from their online, collaborative scientific writing and publishing platform with real-time preview (
  • Provides students ( with an easy to use platform where they can share and collaborate on assignments, research, and documents and quickly see LaTeX errors as they occur, helping the learning process.
  • Provides faculty ( with a LaTeX solution that they can use for interactive demonstrations during class and templated assignments for their students, which can be opened and edited securely online. Faculty admin tools allow for easy assignment distribution, commenting, and collection.
  • Uses Overleaf as a thesis writing submission and review platform ( – tailored to the requirements to help improve standardization and compliance related to the specific dissertations and theses templates and repository submissions.
  • Provides librarians and administrators access to an administrative dashboard with metrics and analytics data to track platform use, number of users, collaboration, projects, and submissions.
  • Provides students, faculty, and staff with a custom institutional portal on Overleaf that includes helpful templates, resources, and links.

Overleaf Professional accounts provide:

  • Online collaboration in LaTeX or RichText within one editing platform – easily switch between either mode;
  • Real-time collaboration in your browser for sharing and editing projects with authorized users. You can remove collaborators at any time;
  • Real-time track changes and visible collaborator cursor(s);
  • Real-time preview of projects to view the PDF version of your document while editing and writing – type on the left and see your typeset document on the right;
  • Full history view of your projects – see all changes made for the entire life of the project, with the ability to revert to any past change;
  • Integrated, streamlined publishing – allows you to publish immediately and directly to the journal of your choice with an integrated submission system to dozens of publishing partners;
  • Improved Teaching Tools available on Overleaf v2;
  • Unlimited number of invited collaborators per project (& link sharing) with advanced access control for protected projects;
  • Two-way sync with Dropbox and GitHub;
  • Reference manager sync and advanced reference search;
  • Priority support.

Free webinars on how you can make the most of your Overleaf account

Overleaf User Guide

Guide – Learn LaTeX in 30 minutes

Quick Guide Handout – Keyboard Shortcuts

Quick Guide Handout – A Quick Guide to LaTeX

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