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*Database available only for students and academic personnel of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Latvia.

ClinicalKey is a medical e-resource from Elsevier, containing valuable materials on 52 medical specialties. The e-resource is competent guidance in scientific research, clinical practice, and medical studies.

ClinicalKey covers the following information areas including (but not limited to):

  • more than 670 full-text journals, including The Lancet;
  • more than 1100 fulltext e-books, including Gray’s Anatomy (easy to read and to download (in XML/PDF) training and reference tools)
  • 1400 reviews (focusing on short descriptions and recommendations of different illnesses);
  • 800 FirstConsult abstracts (with research-based evidences of illnesses, syndromes, and clinical conditions)
  • 7100 practical guidelines;
  • more than 3,8 million images, tables, charts;
  • more than 46000 ProceduresConsult materials (with video recordings of procedures and surgeries and detailed descriptions);
  • information on 3000 medical drugs;
  • 1500 informative brochures for patients.

There is a video recording of webinar on ClinicalKey e-resource (dated 06.04.2020.) available for your interest and  educational needs.

There is a video recording of webinar on ClinicalKey e-resource (dated 08.10.2020.) available for your interest and  educational needs.

* For convenient way of downloading an e-book or it’s part, it is compulsorily to create a personal account (profile) while at the University campus using the UL network. Usage of the database will be possible outside the UL campus via personal account hereafter.


Consultations on using the e-resource can be obtained by contacting a consultant at the UL Library.

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