The UL Library has organized for the faculty and students of the Faculty of Medicine trial access to two Elsevier products – OSMOSIS and Complete Anatomy.

OSMOSIS from Elsevier is an educational platform with a mission to empower the world's doctors and health professionals to have the best possible health learning experience. Different types of videos can be found on the platform, which are divided into sections and transcripts are available for the videos. For teachers, the analytical dashboard will help to see which students are most active in learning, show flashcard results, which topics have more errors and offer several useful learning materials.

Complete Anatomy is an advanced 3D anatomy platform that systematically walks you through 3D anatomy models, virtual dissections, case studies and other interactive materials.

The Library of the UL invites you to use the e-resource and express your opinion about OSMOSIS and Complete Anatomy here or by sending feedback to the e-mail address