Library of UL provides temporary on-campus and outside campus access to the Science e-journals through July 2nd, 2021.

The Library of the University of Latvia provides trial access to the journals available on the Science platform in the exact, life, and medical fields, in which scientifically substantiated, peer-reviewed, and highly valued articles are published.

Science - a magazine about science in general, which has already reached about a million readers. It has published more than 400 studies of Nobel Prize winners and its articles consistently rank among the most cited studies in the world. Additional information about the magazine:

Science Signaling - a journal in the life sciences covering research in the field of cell signaling, with particular emphasis on research that provides new insights into physiology, outlined the mechanisms of deviation that cause diseases, new potential therapeutic goals and strategies identified, characterized by in vitro and in vivo drug exposure. Additional information about the magazine:

Science Translational Medicine - the journal covers research on advances in human health in the fields of medicine, engineering, and science at the same time. Additional information about the magazine:

Science Immunology - the journal covers the latest advances in immunology, including human clinical research, covering new tools and methods. Additional information about the magazine:

Science Robotics - provides a much-needed forum for the latest technological advances and the critical social, ethical, and policy issues surrounding robotics. Additional information about the magazine: 

SCIENCE e-journals are available to all the University of Latvia community through July 2nd, 2021.

You are kindly asked to use the search engine Primo which provides simultaneous search in all the resources of the Library of UL, trials included.

Please take a chance to try the SCIENCE e-journals and let us know your opinion!

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