American Physical Society published  leading international physics research journals in areas such as atomic, molecular, and optical physics, plasma physics, elementary particle physics, gravitation, cosmology etc. 10 journals are provided in trial access:
  • <link http: prl _blank>Physical Review Letters
  • <link http: rmp _blank>Review of Modern Physics
  • <link http: _blank>Physics
  • <link http: pra _blank>Physical Review A
  • <link http: prb _blank>Physical Review B
  • <link http: prc _blank>Physical Review C
  • <link http: prd _blank>Physical Review D
  • <link http: pre _blank>Physical Review E
  • <link http: prx _blank>Physical Review X
  • <link http: prapplied _blank>Physical Review Applied

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Other trial access e-resources

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