The Library of UL provides the trial access to the De Gruyter e-journals database until the June 4th, 2018.

De Gruyter is comprehensive e-journals database with an access to more than 900 journal titles with various fields covered: ·         Life Sciences, Chemistry, Medicine ; ·         Geography and Enviromental Science ; ·         Physics and Mathematics ; ·         Computer Science, Library and Information Sciences ; ·         History, Philosophy ;   ·         Business and Economics ;   ·         Law ;   ·         Linguistics and Semiotics, Literature ;   ·         Social Sciences ; ·         Theology and Religion etc. Specifically 9 newly published (in 2017) e-journals are provided as well as 565 journal titles in open access (approchable free). De Gruyter e-journals database is available in the UL  (Lanet) computer network until the June 4th, 2018.  Please take a chance to try the database and let us know your opinion! Your feedback would be useful to evaluate the necessity of this database for your studies and research. Please send your feedback  to  or pass it here.