Donation of Eizens (Eugene) Leimanis

 Ex-libris by Eizens Leimanis


This collection was organized in 1998, thanks to the substantial donation by the wife of Eugene Leimanis’ (1905-1992), Zigrīda Leimane, to the Library of the University of Latvia (UL).

The totality of the donation is 1,785 items, containing fundamental works in mathematics, celestial mechanics and astronomy and various study books on this topic and materials for research of the history of Alma mater.

The former lecturer of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and for some time also a dean of the faculty, was born on April 10, 1905 in Vecbaižas, Kocēnu parish. In 1924 he graduated from the Riga City Gymnasium No. 1 and entered the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of UL.

In 1935 E. Leimanis was elected as a privat-docent at UL, but in 1937 as an associate professor and for his pedagogical activities, he delivered lectures in the courses of theoretical mechanics, orbital theory, celestial mechanics, practical analysis and descriptive geometry.

Refugee roads at the end of the Second World War took E. Leimanis and his family to Germany. For more than half a century Eugene Leimanis was away from his homeland, living in Germany and Canada, and as a professor of mathematics he also worked at the British Columbia University in Vancouver. E. Leimanis is an author and co-author of several monographies, such as “Dynamics and nonlinear mechanics”, “The general problem of the motion of coupled rigid bodies about a fixed point” and “Qualitative methods in the three-body problem”.

It is impossible to count his publications on mathematics and mechanics in the world’s scientific editions but they exceed several hundreds and also he has published over 30 works on the history of science and more than 600 reviews on other scholars’ works.

In the autumn of 1991 professor E. Leimanis attended the celebration of the anniversary of the University of Latvia and was awarded the diploma of Dr. honoris causa.

The collection created by Eugene Leimanis and donated to the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Latvia is stored in the Repository of the Library.

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