Publications and History of the University of Latvia

The database aggregates bibliographic records of UL teaching staff and researchers’ publications - monographs, articles, conference proceedings and other publications, as well as bibliographic records of material about the history of University of Latvia.

Dissertations/theses elaborated or defended at University of Latvia

The database includes bibliographic information about doctoral thesis, dissertations, sets of scientific papers, summaries and abstracts of dissertations elaborated or defended at UL. For thesis defended after 2006, the full text is freely available online.

Graduation papers of the University of Latvia

The database contains information about master, bachelor, graduation and qualification papers, defended by UL students from 2003 to 2014 (more recent works are available in the E-resource repository of UL). If the paper is accepted by the author for publication, its bibliographic record is linked to the full-text online version. It is available by authorization with LUIS username and password.